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We are a professional cannabis edible company that makes quality and enriching cannabis products for recreational and medicinal use. We offer you top crafted products with quality standards. Our cannabis edibles are available in sativa, CBD and indica options which allows you to find the right strain and dose fitted for you.

Mystic Edibles specialize in providing our customer an enriching and consistently dosed cannabis products suited for recreational and medicinal use.

Mystic edible products are of high quality and 100% guaranteed potency.


Different Flavors, Different Tastes.

Check out Mystic edible product line for cannabis gummies. To provide our customers with enriching and consistently dosed cannabis products suited for recreational and medicinal use is our mission.

Our products are of high quality and 100% guaranteed potency.

Cola blast

Satisfy your sweet tooth and stay medicated at the same time. The cola blast gummies gives you the necessary spike to go from being low to a higher level. It is effective in addressing chronic pain, help you ease tension and get you relaxed.

It contains 25 mg of THC per candy.

Uses: Anxiety |Inflammation|Pain|Fun
Effects: Happy|Uplifted |Calm|Energetic

Grape shock

These gummies are great for improving ones mood and relieving pain.

Remain calm and relaxed with this gummies!

Effects: Euphoric|Calm|Focused|Creative

Peach sour key

Maintain your serenity and tranquility. These gummies get you feeling stress free and help you control anxiety and tension in your mind and soal.

It contains 100mg THC/10 piece.

Uses: Anxiety| Tension|Pain|Inflammation
Effects: Relaxed|Calm

Watermelon gummies

Do not get caught unhappy!

Our watermelon gummies guarantees you an euphoric effect. It is also known to boost and spark creativity and help you unwind from that hectic day.

Each bag contains 100mg THC/10 pieces.

Effects: Energetic|Creative|Euphoric

Buzzy sours

A great taste of your favorite snacks.

These will help you feel calm to the mind and body for an restful stress-free sleep.

It contains 150mg THC/ 6 pack.

Uses: Failing asleep|Anxiety|Pain
Effects: Calm|Sleepy|Relaxed

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